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Have you ever tried to make money with GDI but fail? Many of us are looking for way to make money building MLM business online. You are most likely is one of them, am I right? If not, you wouldn’t be interesting to read this post.  There are thousands of money making ideas and programs available online. You probably have seen it on internet every day, whether it is in the email you receive, or on the side bar Google advertisement of the webpage that you are viewing. However, many of them are scams, or just couldn’t make you REAL money as they have claimed in their resell/splash page. The whole operating / working system of the program is not transparent to user. This kind of programs will make the so called Guru who teaches you to make money with GDI more and more rich. You may put in more money that you are earning, resulted in negative ROI, thus YOU ARE LOSING MONEY, the ONLY person who EARN MONEY in the end is the program owner.

This is totally different for ACME People Search Program, which is founded by Mr.Tissa Godavitarne. It is a TRULY TRANSPARENT online money making program that thousands of people are using it to earn REAL MONEY online. ACME People Search (APS) is an integrated system which provides 2 main income opportunities. The first one is the ACME people search engine, where large database of people related information in USA is kept in ACME’s server. Tissa has used this people search engine to earn more than 2 millions in the year of 2007. You will be given the same people search engine to duplicate his success if you join APS.  

The second income opportunity is come from the APS affiliate program opportunities. You will be given some excellent referral links to promote this APS business and bring in referral. You will earn commission from APS, GDI, GVO as well as Host Gator. Here is the proof that Tissa has so far paid $630,397.75 to his affiliate.


How to REAL MONEY with APS?

1.EARN REAL MONEY : from APS People Search Engine

The First main incomes streams are from your own hosted people search engine. (see my own people search engine here) You are earning commission from ClickBank, MyLife, HD Publishing and Adsense.


After you setup your own people search engine and input your Clickbank, MyLife, HD Publishing and Adsenes ID in your APS backoffice, when someone use your search engine to perform people search in USA, the person will be brought to a webpage with the search result. Your result page has all your Clickbank, MyLife, HD Publishing and Adsense affiliate ID embedded in it. If this person purchases something or subscribe / register for any services provided by any of these companies, or click on the Google Adsense advertisement you will get paid commission.

2.  EARN REAL MONEY :from APS Affiliate Programs

The 2nd main incomes streams are from referral commission paid by APS, GDI, GVO, and HostGator.



By advertising your APS referrals link and presell page that found in your APS back office.

Commission scheme:

1.    You get $1 if your referral complete step1 and stay in step1 for 30 days.

2.    You get $2 if your referral complete step2 and stay in step2 for 45 days.

NOTE: If your referrals is signing up for GDI, you will not receive this referral fee from APS, instead you will get your monthly commission from GDI. 

3.    You get $3 if your referral complete step3 and stay in step3 for 65 days. ++monthly residual income for step3.

4.    If your step3 quality ratio is >15%, you will receive 400% performance bonus on the payment date. 

** Hot Extra: After completing that 3 easy steps: You will receive a GUARANTEED $125 (YES, so much FREE) commission within 24hours of Tissa starting your free advertising on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing. You can cash out this free bonus when your payable account amount reaches $200. 

Proof of my Earning  (Bong Joon Siong)



By advertising your APS referral links that converts well and presell page that found in your APS back office. Yes, this is same as promoting APS referral links, you ONLY need to promote ONE same referral link!

Your referral will be offered to use GDI for hosting their own people search engine in step 2, they will be in your GDI downline after signing up!

Commission scheme:

1.    You get $1 per referral/ month.

2.    If you manage to get 5 referrals within a given week, you will get $100 extra bonus in that week.

3.    If you have 6 level 1 referrals, and each of your level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4 and level 5 (5 level deeps) has 6 referrals of their own, you will get at least $9330/month. Imagine if you have 10 level one referrals, and every of your referrals in your matrix down to 5 levels deep have 10 referrals each, you will get $110,000 residual income per month!!! What a GREAT income! This MUST NOT be an opportunity to miss. With APS system, your GDI matrix will grow automatically by setting the GDI Forced Matrix to ON. You just have to continue referring new members and APS’s GDI forced matrix feature will help you to grow it. So you just watch your residual income grow every month. NO Joke! See the proof that so many members are getting huge commission from GDI. 

**You can also advertise your own GDI referral links given by GDI if you have time to do this. But to me, using a single referral link to promote APS and GDI at the same time is sufficient and do not consume your extra precious time. 



By advertising your APS referral links that converts well and presell page that found in your APS back office. Yes, this is same as promoting APS referral links, you ONLY need to promote ONE same referral link! 

The best and the great of GVO is it provides full rounded features that every Internet Marketer will need, from Unlimited Web Hosting, Autoresponder, , Banner making, GVO academy, conference room to Easy video producer, all in ONE. 

But the greatest part of GVO is the “SPILL OVER”  feature, where if you are signing under a heavy hitter who is able to recruit a lot of members, then you will be benefit from him/her as his/her referrals will be spill over to you, and you get $2.24/referral. This is not including the matching bonus. 

Commission scheme:

1.    You get $22.24 ONE TIME fast track bonus for referring a direct referral.

2.    You get $2.24 from each of your downlines, down to 10 levels deep, regardless they are your direct referral or spill over from your sponsor. That’s total whopping $4600/month!

3.    You get matching bonus of 20% from your referral’s earning each month.  

4.    You get paid commission up to 4 levels if you have 2 direct referrals, you get paid commission up to 10 levels if you have 4 direct referrals. 

 Proof ofmy earningfrom GVO
**You can also advertise your own GVO referral links given by GVO if you have time to do this. But to me, using a single referral link to promote APS, GDI and GVO at the same time is sufficient and do not consume your extra precious time.


Host Gator


1.    Sign up as Hostagor Affiliate, and flip your APS Super Affiliate Switch to ON. Your referral will be offered Host Gator in Step 2 to host their Search Engine.  

2.    By advertising your APS referral links that converts well and presell page that found in your APS back office. Yes, this is same as promoting APS referral links, you ONLY need to promote ONE same referral link!

Commission scheme:

You could be paid a whopping $125 per referral. 

Number of referral per month vs Commission per referral
1- 5    a month : $50 per sign up
6-10   a month : $75 per sign up
11-20 a month : $100 per sign up
21+     a month : $125 per sign up 


In fact, with APS you can earn money without paying a single cent. When your earning reaches $200 (including the free $125), you are eligible to get paid. Only at this point you will need to pay to complete:

1.    Step2 (GDI – Free for 7days trial and $10 for subsequent month) or (HostGator – Free for 1 month when sign up with coupon).

2.    Step3 (Tissa Trio – Free for 30days and $29.95 for subsequent month).  

If you know a little bit maths, you will notice that you are getting a very good Return of Investment (ROI). 

Forum Super Sponsor

This is the GREATEST feature of this business, Truly Transparent, Pay It Forward, for Super Sponsor! You CAN’T find any other online program /business that provide such a great feature. If you are a Super Sponsor, Mr.Tissa will give you up to $233/month to cover all your APS associated programs monthly fee + $100 cash for you to use as your advertising expenditure. 

How To Become A Super Sponsor


Everyone can become a Super Sponsor by helping other member to success in APS forum. You just have to offer help by posting reply to members question who face problem in pursuing their APS business, regardless whether they are your referral or not, SINCERELY.  Basically you only need to sincerely post 30 original and relevant replies (help) in the forum. The other requirement is that you need to subscribe to Step3, which is free for the first 30days.  

In return, Mr.Tissa will rewards you with:
1.    Pay your GDI monthly fee of $10/month, even you are not referred by Tissa.

2.    Pay your GVO monthly fee of $44.95/month, even you are not referred by Tissa.

3.    Pay your HostGator or Lunarpages monthly fee of $9.95/month if you subscribe to HostGator or Lunarpages.

4.    Pay your Step3 monthly subscription fee of $29.95, so that you can have your 100% Display Rate for your search engine's affiliate IDs (ClickBank, MyLife, HD)

5.    Pay for your Wealthy Affiliate (WA) University monthly subscription fee of $39.00, if you can using the link given by Tissa. This means the NO.1 Internet marketing Training program WA is ALSO FREE for you

6.    Full access to Tissa “Secret" GDI Sign-up Sauce Ingredients so that you can choose to earn $9330/month from GDI if you and each of your referral’s referral have 6 referrals each, up to 5 levels deep.

7.    Your Super Affiliate Switch will be flipped so you can earn hosting commissions of up to $125 per referral!

8.    Tissa will grant you $100/month to cover your advertising expenses from Jan 15,2010 onward.

9.    Advertise the forum free (including your posts) using pay-per-click (PPC) and SEO strategies.

10.Your APS sign-up link is rotated on top of every forum page through the “Start Earning!' rotator.

Check here on Happy Super Sponsor comments!

My Super Sponsor payment proof by Tissa
What About You?

With such a great Pay It Forward incentive, you have all $$ budget problem cleared by Mr.Tissa. You only need to join APS and get your feet wet in the forum and start helping other members to succeed. You may ask are you qualified as you are a newbie? The answer is absolutely YES! You just have to sincerely help other, without any selfishness, and provide some useful information and tips that can help the APS community to succeed. I have been the forum Super Sponsor and I enjoy the fun of helping others beside the incentives given by Tissa. Moreover, I learn a lot of new and extremely useful tips and skills in the process of helping others. I am sure you will love it too!  


Join or Not Join?

With so many money making programs available on internet, you may ask which one is not scam and which one you should join?  

If you are truly devoted in online business, then I can tell you that APS is your choice. It is an excellent online money making programs that is truly works, it is keep on growing and improving to become the best online business in future. More and more great features are added. Now it has 9 incomes streams. 9-in-1! imagine that you got 9 incomes stream with just one program! Remember, this is not another get rich quick program as you normally see which make empty promise you will get rich quick overnight.

APS is an online BUSINESS! Your Own Business!  

With so many helps and guidance from APS forum members, with the transparency of this program, with so many incomes opportunities, I can guarantee you that you will sure earn money with this highly integrated and truly awesome APS system. Just have your attitude right in learning the way to success, and grow together with APS members. If this is not able to convince you, just join the APS forum first and let the forum speaks for itself and proof to you. Join the forum here.

You wouldn’t regret! And I guarantee You!